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Superman Doesn’t Use a Walker

It is very troubling to me just the number of men who turn in their superman cape in their late 30’s to retirement age. We give up, plain and simple. The trail starts going up hill; energy, abs and hair are a little harder to come by and we take the super suit off and take a seat.  It’s not ... Read More

Can you have chiropractic after surgery?

Chiropractic achieves AMAZING results, even after surgery So, you’ve had surgery. Did it go the way you imagined? Are you back to the lifestyle you hoped to achieve by getting surgery in the first place? Sleeping through the night. Getting around easier. Playing golf again. Better able to take care of yourself. Pain has stopped. Chances are you aren’t or ... Read More

Gingerbread House Contest

  This really is the most wonderful time of the year! Forget the hustle and bustle of the shopping malls and lets get back to the family. To help you do this Inner Vitality is hosting a Gingerbread House contest. This contest is open to all past and present patients and their family. We supply the house building kit. Stop ... Read More
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