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We treat all type of conditions that require chiropractic treatment. From seizures to migraines, back pain to auto accident injuries - read more on how Dr. Jeremy at Inner Vitality Chiropractic can restore your health!

Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is the number one concern a person brings to a chiropractic office. It is also one of the top causes of disability and reasons to miss work. It is especially concerning because it can severely limit a person’s ability to perform daily functions in comfort.

Neck Pain

Agonizing neck pain can be very troubling for most patients. Your neck is an incredibly important part of your overall health and body structure. It is made up of seven bones called vertebra.


There are a lot of types of headaches but the overwhelming majority are tension headaches. It's important to understand that there is no such thing as a “normal” headache.

Auto Accident Injury

There are big accidents and minor accidents. There are “lucky to be alive” stories and “just a little sore” stories. But it’s very important to understand the health implications of auto accidents big or small. First, there is never an incidence of NOT being injured in accident.


Sciatica is the irritation of the sciatic nerve due to physical interference from body parts along its course from the lower spine, through the pelvis & legs to the feet.


Seizures are a very debilitating and frustrating condition for sufferers. They are very scary and concerning for loved ones and bystanders witnessing them.


Caring for people with migraines is one of our favorites at Inner Vitality because when a person’s migraines reduce or disappear it is a game changer for them. And we have an incredible track record of great results.

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