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Treating Headaches in Fort Collins, CO

There are a lot of different types of headaches but the overwhelming majority are tension headaches. It is important to understand that there is no such thing as a “normal” headache.

All pain is an indication that there is something wrong. You should have the cause of your headaches evaluated if they are frequent(more than once a month), different from previous headaches, interfering with daily duties and habits, or needing medication to just get some relief.

What is the cause of my headaches?

The cause of headaches can range from simple dehydration; to more complicated misalignment issues of the spine (called subluxations) or even the temporal-mandibular joint (TMJ). Subluxations of the spine as far down as between the shoulder blades can be the cause.

There are muscles that extent from the base of the skull to attach to the spine bones (vertebrae) between your shoulder blades. When there are misalignments here the muscle tension can increase resulting in a headache at the base of your skull.

Additionally, the very top vertebra in your neck can also be a culprit. This vertebra creates a lot of motion (your ability to rotate to the right and left) and has a lot of muscular attachments but it also has a unique connection to the nerve system. This vertebra attaches directly to the spinal cord and if there is an issue with its alignment, you can have many problems including headaches.

Habits That Can Cause Headaches

There are many situations that can cause these conditions in the spine that result in headaches.

Finding the root cause of Headaches

At Inner Vitality we can’t help everybody, so we do a complete history and thorough examination to get to the cause and decide if chiropractic can help. Through that examination we will be performing postural tests, orthopedic tests and maybe diagnostic imaging. Understanding the cause will drive what care is needed. If we can help, we will create a treatment plan to permanently resolve the issue.

This may include chiropractic adjusting, physical therapy, massage therapy and home care. We place a huge emphasis on home care and habit modification to help expedite the correction of the problem and enable you to take control of your health rather than being dependent on a doctor long term.

Dr. Jeremy Overholt is a chiropractor Fort Collins residents trust to relieve their headache pain. Please contact us at 970-300-2166, or schedule an evaluation.

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