What to do when weight loss isn’t working

So here we are again. Staring down a new year resolution or the idea that you want to drop the COVID 19 pounds you put on during the pandemic and lockdowns. I salute you and encourage you on this pursuit because those extra pounds push you into categories edging towards diabetes, obesity, joint pain, loss of enjoyment, increased incidence of sickness, and depreciation of self-image and esteem.

Scratch all of that and make health happen.  I’ll give a lot of weight loss pointers in this post but it comes down to YOU making the choice and staying the course. Stay the course.

We’ve helped a ton of people lose the weight in our office because it makes a huge difference in the structure, alignment, and longevity of their spine and joints. As well we’ve got programs that when all else fails in weight loss, will give you a complete internal cleaning and rebuilding so it is possible. You might need that but first consi

der these simple pieces to lose those unwanted pounds, inches, and fat.

Add these first

When it comes to eating well and/or losing weight you’ve got to add a few things to make sure that you are successful with taking things out. There are a lot of things we need to stop doing to lose weight but if your body and junk craving mind don’t have what they need; failure.


This should be a no-brainer but you need to be hydrated to help clear toxins, keep your cells functioning, and feel energized. In fact, you may notice the dial turns down on carb and sugar cravings when you have more water on board. We’ve all heard you need half of your body weight in ounces of water each day. That is a minimum. Go above and beyond that. As an example, I weigh about 170 lbs. So I should get about 85 ounces or roughly 2.5 liters of water a day. I shoot for a minimum of 4.5 liters or almost twice what the old convention tells me I should get. Won’t I pee a lot? Yes, you will pee a lot but you are clearing toxins and you will actually lose weight doing this when you combine it with taking one thing out that you will read about below.


I like to have those I help lose weight to start adding dark green leafy veggies to every meal. This will give you the fiber you need to scrub your digestive tract and move the toxins out. As well, the B vitamins found here will up your energy big time. You are a whole lot more likely to continue on your weight loss voyage if you are feeling good and doing good things for your body.  So saddle up a salad of kale, spinach, etc. next to your meals.  Forget the iceberg lettuce, there’s no point in it.

MCT oil

This one can be a shocker for a lot of people but you need to change your relationship with fat. You need it to burn it. What? you need good healthy fats to burn the fats you want gone forever. The whole idea behind the keto diet is to get your body burning fat for energy rather than sugar. What’s more is that when doctors told us to dump fats back in the 60’s and 70’s we saw a dramatic rise in obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. We need HEALTHY fats in our diet. Good sources are avocados, nuts, coconuts, and MCT oil supplements. I’m huge on MCT oil as your body converts it to energy in the liver straight away and you will notice you start forgetting about your carb cravings with it. I put two tablespoons in my coffee or my smoothie every morning. I like the mental energy boost I get from it.

Now Start Subtracting these

You’ve added a few things that your body desperately needs. Now let’s take the things out that were part of the problem to begin with.


I could pick on grains all day long but straight up, get rid of them. Modern processed grains are so far removed from their ancient counterparts that they are hardly comparable. Most people have heard something about gluten by now and that it only part of the conversation. Gluten is a protein that many people have a hard time with primarily due to the condition of their digestive tract. More on that below. However, grains themselves are very inflammatory and can rip a digestive tract apart whether you are noticing symptoms or not. As well grains retain a lot of water. So instead of cleansing, you are storing it. Many people will achieve a rapid weight loss and inches lost nearly immediately just by eliminating grains. Grains also turn to sugar rather quickly driving up insulin resulting in weight gain, heart disease, and more. Granted, they are delicious, but a healthy life is unparalleled.

Processed food

This is really hard to do in our go-go world but we’ve got to be smart about this. Processed foods are replete with grains, sugar, and a whole host of other things you can’t pronounce. Just try to read the label. Divert your attention from these to more living foods like veggies, fruits, and meats. And if you are trying to stay grain-free it’s really hard to find processed food you can eat anyway.


So if you really look at these three categories of things to eliminate the common theme is really sugar. Grains are sugar essentially and sugar is responsible for a lot of damage and inflammation in your body. Most of the sugar we consume is going to be in what we drink and the processed foods we eat. If you are adding in water and eliminating the grains, you are heading in the right direction. Just remember sugar is sugar no make the form. It will all increase your insulin and in enough quantities can turn to fat and lead you towards weight gain, diabetes, and heart disease. We absolutely need to reduce the amount we consume every day.

Honorable Mention: Dairy

More and more people are realizing that dairy doesn’t sit well with them. If you are following the above you will figure this one out rather quickly.  If you start having digestive issues after consuming milk and/or soft cheeses, you should probably take it out. Dairy is a lot like grain in that it can disrupt your digestion very quickly. And since your gut is the throne of your immune system and hormone balance, we don’t want that.

When all else fails

If the above pieces don’t get you to your goals or have you sputtering along the way, you may need a comprehensive reset. We have a program that is designed to do just that, reset your body. It is a complete system of what to eat, how to eat, and supplements needed to put out the inflammation storm inside of you, clear all the toxins and debris, and rebuild your body so you can use the food you eat to create health. If this part speaks to you, reach out to us and we can get you more information. Life is too short to live it going in circles about your health when you can be running down the path of your dreams.