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Dr. Jeremy Overholt's passion is to help others get out of pain and solve their complicated health care problems. He has been published and cited nationally on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and more. His focus on the overall function of the body through the brain/nervous system connection has enabled him to help 1,000s with the common neck and back problems. But his technique and care have shined with difficult cases such as migraines, headaches, seizures, fibromyalgia, sciatica and so much more.
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A Chiropractor Fort Collins Trusts

Dr. Jeremy Overholt is a licensed chiropractor in Fort Collins, Wellington, Loveland, and Windsor residents receive care from. Dr. Jeremy and the whole team at Inner Vitality are dedicated to providing you with the very best in chiropractic care. From providing the latest chiropractic techniques, a warm setting and a premier standard of care; you will know your health is in good hands and heading in the right direction at Inner Vitality.

We see those with back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches, migraines, sleep problems, scoliosis and so much more. Still, we take great care to make sure you are in the right place. Each week we make referrals to other health professionals that may help our clients better. New clients appreciate that we are there advocating for them and will help them find the best healthcare professional for their situation.

A Chiropractor in Fort Collins That Cares

As one of the leading Fort Collins Chiropractor in Colorado, you will notice that our intake forms are very detailed. This will give the doctor first insight to your whole health history and the details of your current health challenge. We understand that there are some aspects that are best understood through mutual discussion.

Dr. Jeremy will sit down with you and discuss the problem and ask some very specific questions to get a better understanding. This will also give you a better exposure to us and the culture of our office. Being comfortable with your doctor and their office is an essential piece to getting results.

Thorough Chiropractic Examinations

Our examinations are designed to drill down and get to the very root of the issue. Dr. Jeremy will spend time doing a thorough examination that may include orthopedic testing, a range of motion testing, posture analysis, muscle testing and sometimes even an x-ray evaluation. We spend a lot of time evaluating the area of your complaint as well as your entire spine to really understand how your spine is functioning as a whole and specifically looking for the cause of your symptoms.

If necessary, we will perform a diagnostic imaging on site. Dr. Jeremy will read them and report back to you his findings. If at the end of your examination the doctor believes he can help you, he will share his findings and outline your specific treatment plan with specific goals. He always takes the extra time to answer your questions.

Chiropractic Services

Your health and comfort are our number one concern. Our adjustments are gentle and are provided specifically for your need. If you prefer a certain type of adjustment, just let Dr. Jeremy know. He has different ways to adjust all the regions of your body. You may also do some simple physiotherapy such as traction, trigger point therapy or stretching.

  • Lower Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Headaches
  • Migraines
  • Seizures & Epilepsy

Our Patients Health is Important to Us

A huge aspect of our care plan is your homework. We believe we can help you best by partnering with you to correct your spine problem through work in our office and stabilizing exercises that you can do at home. As a matter of fact, we have found routinely that those who consistently do the home care activities that we prescribe get better faster and need less care. Know that we strive to make scheduling as simple as possible. We have morning and afternoon hours throughout the week for your convenience. We will work to set appointments for you that are considerate of your schedule.

Finally, if we are the right place for you, we would be honored to show you why Dr. Jeremy is chiropractor Fort Collins relies on!

  • review rating 5  Inner Vitality was a great experience! I was on vacation, and a walk-in in pretty bad shape. And despite the fact that I had never visited a chiropractor, and had no insurance coverage for the locale, Dr. Overholt nevertheless elected to voluntarily provide treatment free-of-charge; appreciating that I was in need. His generosity is deeply appreciated, and I felt tremendously better following his intervention. Thank you so much!

    thumb John A. Bryan, II

    review rating 5  Do not hesitate to see Dr Overholt if you need chiropractic care. My husband and I are very happy with our experience at this clinic. Dr. Overholt, is caring and highly skilled. He makes you feel comfortable if it is your first experience with chiropractic, or feel nervous about it in any way. Our appointments are always on time, we have never had to wait. Amy at the front desk is ALWAYS friendly and an expert with handling scheduling and insurance issues. We are happy to know him, and are happy to recommend Dr. O. to our friends.

    thumb meezerfan

    review rating 5  I was in a world of hurt and could hardly move without shooting pains in my back. Dr. Jeremy made time to see me that same morning and I walked out of his office a different person. Inner Vitality offers the highest level of attention and care to its patients, and is an easy choice for chiropractic care in the Fort Collins area. Thank you, Dr. Jeremy!

    thumb Alexandra Cook-Philippi
  • review rating 5  3 treatments and I feel amazing! Strongly recommend!!! I don't normally leave reviews and I felt like he deserved a 5 star rating!

    thumb Martin Bednarczyk

    review rating 5  Dr. Jeremy is awesome. He is professional, knowledgeable, and kind. Prior to seeing him I was struggling to stay running because of problems in my foot. He helped me figure out what was going on and get back on track. He keeps my back healthy and has helped me stay running. I highly recommend him! He is wonderful!

    thumb Erin Purdy

    review rating 5  We have had to shop around for chiropractors and have been more than pleased with Dr. Jeremy. He is empathetic and gentle with his bedside manner. He is knowledgeable and willing to answer hard questions. He is flexible for different age groups and needs. He was very helpful during my pregnancy to keep me from feeling uncomfortable. Now he is giving me great tools and home care to restore my body after pregnancy. He's also been fabulous with my two kids. He can tell when my infant may have had discomfort digestively, and he can help my toddler after many falls or regular harsh play. I love how he looks at our health holistically. Overall, I am very happy with our care and our progress physically. This is the perfect addition to our healthy lifestyle value as a family.

    thumb Kalli VanderTop
  • review rating 5  There aren't words to convey how appreciative I am with this practice. They were able to correct my condition both kindly and effectively and I am now feeling normal again. What a blessing!

    thumb T P

    review rating 5  Jeremy always does a great job making sure you are progressing by providing at home exercises. You can tell he isn't trying to make you reliant on his services but creating good habits for long term health.

    thumb Cody Smit

    review rating 5  Dr. Jeremy is professional and knowledgeable. He works hard to be thorough and explain why and what he is doing to help correct issues. The atmosphere is comfortable and the staff is friendly and accommodating.

    thumb Joe Pucci
  • review rating 5  I met Dr. Jeremy a few years ago when a friend recommended him to me. I was having severe lower back pain that I assumed would go away on its own after a while. When it didn't after several months, I was afraid that living with back pain would be my new "normal". Just a few weeks after beginning treatment, I felt like myself again and could move pain free.After injuring my back again recently and suffering lower back pain in addition to headaches and neck pain, I went to Inner Vitality again. Dr. Jeremy explained what was going on as we looked at the x-ray and then set about addressing the problems and helping me with exercises I can do to minimize the risk of injury in the future. I've already improved SO much and the headaches have disappeared! I am very grateful and always amazed at how quickly I begin to feel better!

    thumb Valerie Zell

    review rating 5  I found Dr. Jeremy and Inner Vitality online after experiencing some of the worst neck and back pain I've ever had. They were quick to get me on the schedule for an evaluation. With multiple vertebrae out of whack, Dr. Jeremy made sure I understood what was going on and my options for moving forward with care. I felt relief immediately and within a few weeks I was back to full health. I cannot recommend this place enough to my friends. Very rarely do you meet doctors who want to help you to a point where they only need to see you for check ups. HIGHLY recommend checking them out.

    thumb Eva Hanlon

    review rating 5  I was extremely skeptical when I first started seeing Dr Jeremy. My Dr wanted me to look into having a surgery consult done with a couple of local surgeons and that’s when I started looking at my options. I googled “best chiropractor in Fort Collins” and I got Inner Vitality as one of my first choices. I had nothing to lose. I was only 36 at the time. I was in constant pain and I couldn’t stand my life anymore. I was rear ended by a big pickup 5 yrs ago and I have been in constant pain since. I went to see Dr Jeremy that same day and had some xrays done. He was very thorough and didn’t do any adjustments until he knew exactly what it was we were dealing with. He found that not only my back was injured but my neck was the major issue. Make sure that you are willing to help yourself and do your homework to get the maximum benefit. I have been seeing Dr Jeremy for just a few months and my life has changed so dramatically I couldn’t ever thank him enough. I wish I would have found him years ago. I have noticed at least a 30-40% improvement in my range of motion, decrease in pain, etc. I can play with my son without regretting it for days later. I have my life back.

    thumb Ramona Williams
  • review rating 5  in 2011 I was in a skiing accident and ended up compressing 3 vertebra and fracturing some as well. On top of that I also fractured my neck a few years prior but had no idea. So after all of that I was never recommended any sort of follow up care by my doctor thus resulting in severe back pain. Fast forward seven years, I was starting to have days where I was not able to do daily task or even show up to work and work, plus the tension had gotten to a point where I spent more time trying to sleep than actually sleeping. Dr. Jeremy not only has fixed my sleeping issues and helped my back to feel better, but more importantly he has helped me to understand how to maintain a healthier spine in my day to day life. This is not your average clinic, it is easy to see that the staff and Doctors here truly care about their patients and their future health. Would highly recommend anyone to go here!!

    thumb Matheu Risley

    review rating 5  First of all I must say that I have never found a chiropractor office that offers an amazing deal for those of us on Medicaid. Dr. Jeremy is a kind and compassionate Dr. Who truly cares for his patients. I personally had horrible back, hip and neck pain. It hurt to bend over and pick up my laundry basket. He took time to listen to my story and understand my lifestyle and bad sleep and work habits. With his help and some very easy exercises I've been feeling great! I highly recommend him!!

    thumb Lorinda Uhland

    review rating 5  Dr. Jeremy has significantly imporved my quality of life in just a few sessions. Of course part of it is up to you. You must keep up with the homework and practice self care but Dr. Jeremy gives you all the tools and tricks to get it done.

    thumb Kathryn O'Carthy
  • review rating 5  When I first walked into Inner Vitality, I had difficulty walking, sitting, and sleeping. My lower back was significantly shifted and out of alignment. Dr. Jeremy was incredibly instrumental in my recovery. Over time he made a huge difference in my bodily health. Not only did he treat me in office, but he also coached my on daily care of my spine along with important exercise to integrate into my lifestyle. The first 2-3 weeks were a daily challenge for me; and, during my weekly treatment, Dr. Jeremy was gentle and not aggressive in my treatment. Within a 3- 4 week period, there was a significant difference in my physical functioning.Dr. Jeremy is incredibly personable and has an outstanding bedside manner. I played professional football for 10 years, and I have worked with many chiropractors during this time. Dr. Jeremy is one of the top 3 docs I have worked with! I have found his clinical philosophy and approach to be refreshing. I'm thankful I found him!The facilities are clean and inviting. The staff is warm and supportive. This is a great place, and I would highly encourage you to see the difference in treatment for yourself.

    thumb Steve Scifres

    review rating 5  Inner Vitality has really helped me with my lower back pain. Dr. Overholt is great and I continue to go to him (when necessary) which allows me to do the outdoor activities I enjoy, given my arthritis.

    thumb Scott Mikulak

    review rating 5  Wow! I hurt my back yesterday somehow and was really worried because I am just in town visiting and really don’t trust many people working on my body... so I looked up chiropractors near me & Jeremy’s office popped up on google with so many great reviews, I knew I must put my trust in him as I could barely get out of bed. Jeremy explained what was going on and adjusted me accordingly and I immediately felt better the second I rolled over from the adjustment. I will likely be out for a few days but I can’t imagine how long I would have been suffering if I did not go see him!! Thank you!!! Will most definitely be back!

    thumb Brittany Devens
  • review rating 5  Dr. Overholt is wonderful. He helped me tremendously, in terms of the problem I was having with my back. But more than that, he's super sweet and supportive. He didn't mind when I had my daughter with me at appointments (they have toys in the waiting room). He was patient with questions, and was patient one day when I was running late to our appointment. Highly recommend.

    thumb Carrie Pitzulo

    review rating 5  I woke up the morning after a 30 hour drive from New Hampshire to Colorado with a neck that would hardly allow me to look side to side. In addition to my neck pain I had a lingering injury in my lower back that I had received ineffective chiropractic treatment from elsewhere in the past. Frustrated with previous care from other chiropractors I stopped seeking professional help and decided to take matters into my own hands. Waking up in pain after that long car ride forced me to realize my self care wasn’t working and lingering back pain and a new neck pain as a result of my recent travels were signs that I needed to renew my search for chiropractic help. That is when I found Inner Vitality.After painlessly scheduling an appointment online that morning I saw Dr. Jeremy the same afternoon. Dr. Jeremy’s approach to my personal chiropractic care has been thorough and effective from day one. From reviewing my x-rays, receiving regular adjustments and working through home care regiments I have felt like an active participant in my healing.I admit, at first I was skeptical that I might again be wasting time, energy and money on treatment that would make my symptoms vanish only for them to return again. This has not been the case with Dr. Jeremy’s treatment. I believe his patient and methodical adjustment process in conjunction with my regular practice of his home care excercises has lead me to a state of stability that I searched for but had not found until I walked through the doors at Inner Vitality. Do your spine a favor and go see Dr. Jeremy and the folks at Inner Vitality. Your body won’t regret it but your pain sure will.

    thumb Ethan Black

    review rating 5  I experienced a car accident that lead me seeking help for my injuries. I thankfully found Dr. Overholt and he's been helping me for the last couple months since. I've found he is very thorough, patient and genuine when it comes to helping people find their healing. His office has a feel good essence and he himself makes people feel very welcome and cared for. I would recommend his chiropractics to anyone!

    thumb Emily Barkhaus
  • review rating 5  I highly recommend going and seeing Dr. Jeremy Overholt at Inner Vitality. Before going to see him, I was dealing with daily headaches, back and neck pain. It was to the point to where I was having a hard time getting through my work day, and I had been putting off going and seeing someone for a long time.When I went to go see him, I was immediately greeted his assistant Amy, who is extremely kind and professional, which put me at ease. After the initial consultation with Dr. Jeremy, I saw the reasons for my headaches and other pain - so we got started on adjustments right away. It's only been a couple of months since I started going and I am feeling 100% better! The first few adjustments brought a huge amount of relief and I have only had one or two headaches since starting (most likely not related to the issues), when before it was every day, with major intensity.I am so grateful to have found Inner Vitality to help me have a better pain free quality of life.

    thumb Nicole Kois

    review rating 5  I highly recommend Dr. Jeremy for chiropractic care. Prior to coming to his office, I had been putting off finding a chiropractor in the area. I would find myself in pain, resolve to find a chiropractor, never get around to it, and then let it slip to the back of my mind once my pain remitted.Thankfully, I found myself in enough discomfort a couple of months ago that I finally made an appointment with Dr. Jeremy. I'm so glad I did! I woke up one morning with significant pain in my shoulder blade and neck area (not necessarily a new complaint for me). I was able to get in right away for an initial appointment with Dr. Jeremy. He was very kind and compassionate and was, most importantly, able to pinpoint the cause of my presenting discomfort, as well as some long-standing difficulties I've experienced with significant pain in my lower back.After my first two adjustments with Dr. Jeremy, my pain and discomfort had decreased considerably. He taught me some helpful at-home exercises to incorporate into my care and continued to provide adjustments with the goal of eliminating my pain AND increasing the amount of time I'm able to go between appointments. Having been to chiropractors in the past that seem to keep patients seeing them for multiple weekly appointments ad infinitum, I really appreciate this. Currently, I am happy to report that I am pain free and feel so much better. I did not realize how far from "well" I had deviated until receiving chiropractic care from Dr. Jeremy. I am truly amazed at the level of mobility and flexibility I have now, compared with before. I can move, bend, and exercise in ways now that before would have caused me so much pain and discomfort. I only regret that I waited this long to find relief!

    thumb Amy Nichols

    review rating 5  I had just moved out to Fort Collins from Missouri where I was under the care of an esteemed chiropractic team at the Logan Institute, so moving to Fort Collins I was critical of my options and held high standards for my care. Dr Jeremy and his team exceeded those expectations. I was immediately met with skill and hospitality. He worked with me to put together a treatment plan around my physical needs and time restrictions and budget. I have been coming to the clinic for months now and have no intention of stopping any time soon. I am very pleased with the front desk staff (Shout out to AMY!) and always appreciate Dr. Js smiling face and Paisley-shirt Fridays. I highly recommend this facility for all of your chiropractic needs.

    thumb Keagan McCoy
  • review rating 5  My husband had lower back pain every night after his motorcycle accident. We came to them seeking relief and he said their treatment plan really helped him with his pain. He's doing much better than before and we are grateful for their help with his back pain. Thank you!

    thumb Paige Duvall

    review rating 5  I HIGHLY recommend Inner Vitality Chiropractic. I was experiencing ongoing severe neck pain when a colleague suggested I try Inner Vitality - I am so glad that I did! Dr. Jeremy was very thorough and caring as he assessed the issues causing my neck pain. Over the last three months, he has given me weekly adjustments and taught me at-home exercises that have completely alleviated my neck pain. I am very impressed with and grateful for the care that I have received from Dr. Jeremy. If you are experiencing any back or neck pain, do yourself a favor and go to Inner Vitality Chiropractic.

    thumb Kelsey Burket

    review rating 5  I first decided to see a chiropractor because I was waking up with headaches every morning and they wouldn't go away. I was probably taking at least 2-4 Advil a day and going to sleep on an ice pack every night as an attempt to manage the pain. I am new to the Fort Collins area and when I was doing my research on all the different chiropractors in the area, the reviews for Inner Vitality are what won me over. Reviewers explained how comfortable they felt during their sessions and how much the doctors listened to their issues. After going here for over a month now, I couldn't agree more! I am always asked how I'm doing, if anything hurts, and if the at-home stretches are helping. At my first visit, Dr. Jeremy took x-rays, explained everything as to why my neck was hurting, and described his plans for fixing it. I really like how Dr. Jeremy gave me at-home exercises and stretches to do to make my back and neck muscles stronger. He genuinely wants you to get better as fast as possible, which is why he teaches you things to improve your back/neck outside of the appointments. In the past month and a half that I have been seeing Dr. Jeremy, I have only had 4 headaches (a HUGE improvement from my previous state of having headaches literally 24/7). I highly recommend choosing Inner Vitality for your chiropractic needs, I am so glad that I did!

    thumb Amanda Bowen
  • review rating 5  I was experiencing wonkiness and discomfort on my whole right side, from my neck down to my shoulder, hip, and leg. On a recommendation from a fellow yogi, I saw Dr. Jeremy. This was my first time going to a chiropractor, but during my first visit I was assured that I was seeing a trustworthy and knowledgeable doctor. I am now back to my old self after a few adjustments and suggestions. I am able to enjoy the active life style I used to have. My pains, twinges, and stiffness are gone and my energy level is back on track. Don't hesitate in getting help.

    thumb Marty Belknap

    review rating 5  Dr. Jeremy has been a vital part of my back health and ensuring that old injuries do not affect today's life, as well as having honest discussions about preventative care and some things that are beyond chiropractic control. What a relief to have someone shoot you straight, and know when to help, and when to make recommendations. Thanks Dr. Jeremy!

    thumb Aaron Bower

    review rating 5  I highly recommend Dr. Jeremy Overholdt for chiropractic services. Before I met him, I had intermittent back pain, a stiff neck and poor posture. All of this was uncomfortable and made me feel tired and old. As treatment has continued, I rarely have back pain , have no neck stiffness and stand straighter/taller. He even taught me "homework" moves to strengthen my core. I am very happy with the results I have received from working with Dr. Jeremy and his kind staff!

    thumb Susan Meyer

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